Just regular yoga



One on one coaching

Personal trainers have been around for decades helping regular people get fit. So, why should it be any different for yoga? 

One on one coaching means I come to you and we do yoga together at a pace that works, getting into and out of postures safely and effectively, and reviewing concepts of yoga you're interested in.


Yoga postures

Yoga postures consist of unfamiliar shapes we rarely make in our every day lives. Group classes can move quickly and sometimes in a foreign language. It's completely reasonable to want to break down these postures, step by step, so they are safe, effective and powerful. Otherwise, why bother making those shapes at all? 



Breathing is a huge part of yoga and of being a human. It's not something we're all incredibly good at and yoga has some specific techniques that could be worth exploring.




Meditation is talked about as if it's an elusive mystery of the mind. I'd say, yes and no. It's a practice. If you're interested, we can talk more about setting you up for a committed practice.


Yoga has offered us a system. It's incredibly smart and efficient and not at all mumbo jumbo. If you're interested in philosophy, we'll get into it. Otherwise, some of it will seep in to sessions but always in a straightforward and, hopefully, helpful way.

Small group classes

If you want to do all this with a friend or a partner, let's talk about it. The sessions will be a little different than one-on-ones. Let's have a consultation session and we can go from there.

I also lead private, event-based, small group classes. These are more like little yoga parties that happen one-time only or on a monthly basis for several months.