What kind of yoga do you teach?

It's just regular yoga. No goats or trampolines. No heated rooms or million dollar leggings. We work in your home or your home gym. You don't need a ClassPass or a desire for self-punishment.

If your muscles are tight or loose, if you think you have a "yoga body" or not, doesn't matter so much. If you are curious, interested, open - then we've got something. 

How do we start?

First, schedule a time to hop on the phone or Skype. We'll have a conversation to make sure we're a good fit. 

Next, we'll schedule an introductory session together. Most intro sessions are an hour. We'll spend some of that time talking, and some doing movement. The yoga in this session is simply to assess your needs and explore what you're looking for in a yoga practice.

From there, we create a plan to work together once, twice, or three times per week, with yoga sessions that are focused on your body and your life.

I ask for a commitment of at least six sessions to start.

What supplies do I need?


What are your rates?


Do you do one-time only sessions?


Where do you work?


Is it ok if I've never done yoga before?


I have an injury, illness or disability. Can you work with me?

For the intro session, I just ask that you have a yoga mat. This one is really quite lovely. This one is also perfect.

As we continue, you’ll need a mat, two blocks, a blanket or cushion, and a strap (or a scarf or a necktie). 

The cost for private, in-home yoga instruction is similar to the rate you might pay for personal fitness training.


For one-on-one coaching, I'm looking for a commitment of six sessions to start.

If you're interested in a one-time, small group class for friends or family (groups of 3-5+) send me an email and we'll talk through the possibilities. 

I travel to your home or apartment gym in Long Island City, Greenpoint and Williamsburg. I also spend time in Northport, Long Island. If you're local, let me know. If you are slightly outside those zones, we may be able to accommodate with an adjustment in rates.


Yeah. It's definitely okay. You can also include, "Is it okay if I can't touch my toes?" or almost anything else you can think of.

Yoga is not exclusive. It's not a special club that only a select few can join. It's for all people. So, yes. Beginners, non-toe-touchers are welcome, as is everyone else.

I'm experienced teaching yoga to people with a range of health conditions. That said, we’ll discuss your specific needs on our phone call and make sure we are clear on exactly the kind of work you need, you're looking for, and is right for you.

If I'm not the right teacher, I'll work on getting you a recommendation for someone who has the skills to give you the best experience possible.